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  • Buck in Drip
  • Eyan Elephant in Drip
  • Fred Moose in Drip
  • Large Fred Moose in Drip
  • Large Fred Moose in Drip
  • Buck Instructions
  • Medium Moose Instructions
  • Large Moose Instructions
  • Medium Elephant Instructions
  • Large Elephant Instructions

Drip Pattern Cardboard Animal Heads



Product Dimensions

Buck Jr (DWH):
9 x 11 x 18 in 8 oz - 22 x 29 x 44 cm, .23kg
Eyan Jr (DWH):
12 x 12 x 11 in, 11 oz - 29 x 29 x 27 cm, .31 kg
Fred Jr (DWH):
11 x 15 x 13 in, 8 oz - 27 x 37 x 32 cm, .23 kg
Buck Large (DWH):
18” d X 22.75” w X 33.5” h, 46 d X 58 w X 85 h cm
Eyan Large (DWH):
24.5” d X 24.5” w X 22.75” h, 62 d X 62 w X 58 h cm
Fred Large (DWH):
18.75” d X 25.5” w X22” h, 48 d X 65 w X 56 h cm

Product Description

Check out our deer, moose, and elephant animal heads in this intriguing modern art print, Drip. Large and Junior sizes available. We have also two other modern art print options: Grid and Pop! 

A beautiful modern design makes cardboard animal heads the perfect companions for home or office, and creative gifts for craftsy friends.

Each faux taxidermy head is made of recycled cardboard, a non-toxic, environmentally friendly material.

Flat-packed for easy shipping, one cardboard animal trophy per package.

Laser-cut for precision fit and easy assembly using slot construction. Detailed instructions included.

Skill Level: beginner to advanced. Difficulty increases proportional to product size.

Buck, Elephant, and Moose designed by Luis Rodrigalvarez

Modern Art patterns designed by Mike Ripple

Made in Charlottesville Virginia by the Cardboard Safari Crew.

No animals or humans were harmed in the making of this product.

  • Flammable, keep away from open flames and hot lights.
  • Edges are sharp, handle with care.




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