We are situated along the Rivanna River at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The breathtaking beauty of our region is a daily reminder that protection of the land and its inhabitants is critical.

Some people find the idea of a cardboard animal head shocking. It is important to note that we adamantly oppose poaching and support wildlife conservation efforts. We also support responsible food hunting.

Our trophy heads are vegan. Designed by a team of thoughtful artists, each product is developed from a sense of awe and admiration. The cardboard used in our products is recycled and locally sourced. All of our products are locally manufactured by a small staff in our Charlottesville shop. We keep our footprint in mind every step of the way.

A lively addition to your home or office, the animals in our collection have unique personalities. The intention behind our animals is to celebrate life on earth, to raise awareness and respect of all living things. 

If trophy heads are not for you, keep in mind that Cardboard Safari makes many other products. Among these are rockets, wreaths, trees, and tables! Our collection continues to grow!

Below are some links to resources and organizations. Some are taking great strides in protecting our planet’s animals and environment. Others are selling products that are recycled or reused. Others are simply trying to raise awareness. 

We hope you’ll support us in supporting our planet.

Look for the Rhino!

African Parks

African Lion and Environmental Research Trust

African Wildlife Foundation

Animal Defenders International

Big Life Foundation 

Conservation International 

Do the Green Thing 

International Fund for Animal Welfare

National Park Service

National Wildlife Federation 

Orion Hunter’s Institute of Responsible Hunting

World Conservation Society 

World Wildlife Fund